With too any to fit into one article, we continue a look at the Greatest singings Alex Ferguson made from Manchester United. We have already looked at staples such as Keane, Ferdinand, Cantona  and Ronaldo…but the list goes on. In fact, we left the article with a trivia question asking the number of signings Fergie made during his time at United. Your answer….99. Here are some more of the finest…

Lee Sharpe £200,000 from lowly Torquay….Fergie paid a pittance for a player who was Premier League Gold. Provider, scorer and crowd pleaser…a typical Fergie player!

Gary Pallister Fergie has a track record of paying good money for good defenders and at the tie the £2.3 million paid to Middlesbrough was a record for a defender, even down under in Ozwhere they have the best au betting sites .Given the years of service, the winner’s medals the almost unbeatable partnership with Steve Bruce…..There is no denying the quality of the investment.

Paul Ince A steal at £1 million, Ince was a leader, a motivator and had the aggression to make teams fear united. With a solid range of passing and the ability to organise a back four, Ince was relied upon time after time in the biggest of games to put in a shift and he never let his boss down.

Dennis Irwin £625,000….for a player who dominated his position for a decade….a free kick aster with the stamina of a (insert something with a lot of Stamina) …..Irwin had it all. Modernised the left back positon into what it has now become and winger after winger found it tough to get past the formidable Irishman!

Peter Schmeichel Who else would look to little Bronby when they needed a reliable keeper? Well Fergie did and he found the greatest keeper  to have every played the game. United fans know how important the great Dane was to the team and he never let the side down. Images of hi yellow at defenders,  rushing out to dominate the box and of course trying outrageous overhead kicks live long in the memory

Andrei Kanchelkis Remember him? If you are visiting them here or his native Russia you would pity the defender who played and had to mark him would. Signed from the Russia with devastating speed, tricky to confuse even the most hardcore of defenders and a habit of popping up with crucial goals. Kanchelkis was the ying to Giggsys yang.

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer Again Fergie went to Scandinavia for a bargain prize superstar! A match winner of the highest order who had a habit of scoring crucial goals when needed!

Teddy Sheringham Perfect example of those players that only Fergie could see. Many thought Teddy was gone, past his best and on the decline. Fergie saw an aster who could be the Cantona to his 1997-2000 tea and Sheringham repaid that faith.

So have you decided? Who has the most impact? Who is the best signing Fergie ever made? This journalist will take your mind back to the second entry in Part one of this series and suggest that due to being there tea after tea…Roy Keane is the man who Fergie would never regret signing.