The Bet2Go App has been reviewed as a Football Betting App

Value For Money – 7/10

The Bet2Go app is free to download, and if used wisely should help make you a few extra quid. Not bad eh?

Sound – 0/10

This app has no sound.

Graphics – 6/10

A nice and clean app which is exactly what you want when there is a lot of information to display; navigating between sports is a synch and everything is nicely laid out and made easy to find. Every section is nicely accessible and it looks pretty cool to boot.

Usability – 7/10

Literally everything you need to place a bet on a whole host of sports is right here for you to find. There’s a news and info section so you can get the inside scoop before placing your bet; the best odds from a whole host of bookmakers are bought up for every single bet so your money will go further, while even if you have an interest in betting on niche sports you should be able to find your way around easily enough.

Placing bets is safe and secure, just set up an account and register a debit or credit card and you are good to go; pretty much every betting resource you’ll ever need is in one place. Live in-game odds and scores are updated quickly so there’s no hanging about.

It would be nice however if, say, a twitter feed of tips or ‘bets of the day’ was included, but that is a minor quibble.

Longevity – 7/10

If you are someone who regularly fancies a flutter, then you’ll have this on your phone for good.

SM Interaction – 7/10

The Bet2Go app has a nice little function that allows you to share individual odds you have stumbled upon. Found a bet that you know a friend would love to lump a few quid on? It’s done with a few clicks.

Originality – 5/10

There are plenty of betting apps out there but Bet2Go is comprehensive and brings you the best odds from all over the place into one convenient app.  Everything you want is right here.