Euro 2016 Quiz : Football Quiz & Trivia App

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Euro Football Quiz App

When it comes to major sporting events you can expect the sores on your devices to be littered with all kinds of apps. Being something of a fan of major sporting tournaments and or quizzes in general I always enjoy delving into what new quiz apps are released to reflect the event taking place. With Euro 2016 just around the corner the online stores have been littered with all kinds of applications promising to be the “best quiz app” or the “number 1 trivia game” for the tournament. This simply titled “Euro 2016 quiz” by bauchschuss_deluxe has just been released… does it fair?

Value For Money – 7/10

The app is free and with free always I always look at value of time and value of space on your phone and this is certainly worth it. The app has literally hundreds of questions, if not thousands and all for free. They are unique, well written and fair with a good mix between easy ones you will get straight away and questions which will have you scratching your head.

Sound – 2/10

Mundane background noise, minimal click noises…nothing to see here, move along.

Graphics – 4/10

This is the one area where the game is really let down as it looks very shoddy and very amateurish. In this day and age even the most tech-o-phobic app developer can produce a simple text based game that looks great, this sadly doesn’t. Looks cheap, dated and is not at all easy on the eye. The dark colour scheme does not help.

Gameplay / Playability – 8/10

It is the same as every other quiz game you have played on your phone where you are given a question, a timer and 4 options. It works well in the sense that all quiz games work in this way and above all else the “wrong answer” options are all realistic and do make you have a little think. There are no ridiculous answer and it keeps it in the spirit of the game. There are text and image based questions to give you more variety and the game progresses through 15 levels, each round the tournament as you progress.

Answer correctly and you double your score, answer wrong and your score is halved. Reach 0 and its game over. You get more points the faster you answer, can use jokers to avoid tricky questions and have some “Millionaire” style life lines to use.

Loading times are fast and fluid, there is no loading or waiting around for delays whilst the game boots. An easy pick up and play title with good solid questions.

Longevity – 3/10

No don’t get me wrong there are plenty of questions, the gameplay is addictive and will make you want to play again to beat your score and it does have that “just one more go” feel to it but at the end of the day this will cease to be relevant in June when the tournament begins.

SM Interaction – 2/10

Online leader boards from around the world, achievements to unlock…the usual basic sets. Daily or monthly tournaments would have helped.

Originality – 4/10

Again this has to score low but its not a bad thing. The use of jokers etc and lifelines is a nice change, but the basic function of the app is not something you wont have seen countless other places before. A basic quiz app.

Nevertheless, this is a good fun app that as a basic pick up and play title will serve its purpose until Euro 2016 and keep your quizzy football brain happy!