Football App Reviews

This month’s blog has a particular football action app theme to it with 3 of the 5 reviews coming under our ‘Football Action App Games’ category. Leading the way by some distance is Dream League Soccer scoring an impressive 8.2 out of ten and easily the winner of the BFA App of the month award. Away from football  action apps we also reviewed our second app from Sky and our second football quiz app, Football Player Quiz from Guess’o’Mania.

App: Sky Sports News App 6.7/10

Category: Football News, Info & TV Apps

Current Highest Rate Category App: New Leader BBC Sports

While this app delivers what it should – up to date sports content, it falls down in a number of areas (particularly Social Media) and is not as good as the BBC Sports app in our opinion. Best summed up by our reviewer Pete South “This is like a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk; it won’t get you excited but is a staple that you have as a matter of course. Content is updated regularly and is from Sky, you can be sure that it will be of a certain quality.


App: Football Player Quiz App 5.6/10

Category: Football Quiz & Trivia

Current Highest Rate Category App: Football logo Quiz from Bubble Quiz Games

As football quiz apps go this is ok. A different take to the endlessly re-skinned football picture apps out there, the sketches are very good at first but get more circumspect the further into the app game you get. Good social media interaction is let down by the lack of sound. The free version is ok although we would advise against the 0.59p upgrade to Full version as there are put simply better football quiz apps out there.

Verdict: MISS

App: Perfect Kick App 6.7/10

Category: Football Action App Games

Current Highest Rate Category App: New Star Soccer

Described in Android by the developers as:

“Featured by Google Play!!! No. 1 sports game in 27 countries, top 5 in 41 countries! 5 millions+ downloads!”

With a billing like that you would expect a ground breaking app. The truth is, it really isn’t. The game reminds me of a cross between a Wii and Sega Mega drive game with its cartoonist style. While not a bad game it surprises me to hear there have been over 5 million app downloads! Perhaps I’m a little peeved by the in app purchases – which could cost you over £65 if you get hooked!

Verdict: WORTH DOWNLOADING – with caveat – don’t pay for in app purchased!

App: Dream League Soccer App 8.2/10

Category: Football Action App Games

Current Highest Rate Category App: New Star Soccer

The hit Android equivalent of First Touch Soccer  this is put simply a quality football app. Its Fifa’esq graphics are impressive especially when you consider how little megabytes they take up. Be wary of the in app purchases which could cost you over £35, but nonetheless this is one of the best action football apps out there on Android.

To sum up (from reviewer Pete South):

Dream League Soccer has taken the best aspects of some of the biggest and best games out there, stripped them back to make it perfect for mobile gaming and come up with something new and original altogether. It sets the new benchmark for other games in its category.”


App: Kick Football 2014 3D App 6.6/10

Category: Football Action App Games

Current Highest Rate Category App: New Star Soccer

Poor sound, poor gameplay, average graphics and no social media interaction = a poor app. Even if it is free. I won’t waste anymore of my time summarising the review!

Verdict: MISS

That is all for Feb, catch up with ya all in March.