As the new football season begins, Football enthusiast have probably begun researching on the best football apps to use in staying up-to-date with the latest news, match schedule, player’s statistics and live scores as they happen.

Getting the ideal football app can be quite the hassle as each of the apps come with their respective strengths and weakness. So we have taken our time to ease this burden by providing you with a list of the five best football apps you can use in staying busy and updated.


Known for its simplicity, Livescore has recently been updated for the new football season, covering more leagues across the world. Livescore should be your first point of call if you just want to check the game score and see team lineups and in-game stats.

The site is prompt in updating their app as game stats change. Livescore also has an iPad version for a larger screen and can be downloaded free from the Google play store.


Forza is one of the best football apps to have in 2017. The app gives you the opportunity to choose the competition and team to follow. Also, the match results and stats get updated as they happen and you will get a notification when it does. If you are a football bet addict, then Forza is the best app for you because it helps you keep track of your games without stress. Forza also updates you with goal videos, lineups, scoring charts, transfer news, tables and lots more.

Sky Go is the best football app for football lovers who are constantly on the move and need to be updated on happenings in the world of football. The app has an enhanced player feature which allows you re-watch any goal or significant incident.  It also gives you an opportunity to tune in live on your smartphone or tablet rather than staying glued to your television at home. It also gives you access to match result, live game text commentary, champions league video highlights, live photos and all kind of statistics about a match. The app can be downloaded free of charge from your play store and installed in an iOS, Android, Blackberry


Onefootball which was formerly known as the Football App is the longest serving football app and also the best way to keep in touch with news score and report in real time about your favorite sport. One interesting thing about this app is that it gives you an opportunity to chat with your football buddies in order club especially when they lose a match

Some of its features are push notifications, minutes to minutes commentaries and one to one group chat. It can be downloaded free from your play store.


Another great football betting app is Stats Zone. One unique feature of a Stats Zone is that it provides you with live statistics for matches such as some passes, shots, dribbles among others. And best of all, it’s completely free and can be downloaded from your play store for IOS, Window phones, and Androids

Reviewed by Chris Ashwell