Flick Kick Football App was reviewed as a Football Action App

The Flick Kick Football  App is a slick game that has plenty of different game modes to keep you coming back for more

Price – 7/10

The Flick Kick Football will set you back 65p in the UK; that’s pretty good value for money when you consider what you get.

Sound – 7/10

This app has a pretty cool soundtrack that will have you humming along in no time, while all the usual in-game sound effects are present.

Graphics – 9/10

The graphics on display throughout Flick Kick Football app look great, right from the menus to the game play.

The menus look like something straight out of a Roy of the Rovers book, and the game play is incredibly realistic. Plus, the super slo-mo replays will have you purring with delight every time.

Gameplay – 9/10

The developers, Pik Pok Football were seemingly aware that there are quite a few similar ‘flick’ football games out there for free, so have thrown in plenty of extras to make it worth your while.

There are no less than five different game modes for you to sink your teeth into, from hitting targets to racing against the clock, and a horse-style multiplayer game.  They all revolve around the same ‘flick to score a goal’ mechanism but there is enough variation to keep you coming back.

Little touches throughout show how much thought has gone into this game, from the humorous one-liners on loading screens to the ‘fireball’ which blasts through defenders when you are on a hot streak – there’s plenty of ‘surprise and delight’, as marketing types might say.

In terms of the game itself it is difficult enough to leave you frustrated at times but still wanting to come back for more. As mentioned above it also looks great so it really is a complete package.

SM integration – 0/10

The Achilles heel of this game; there is no option to share your brilliant goals online, or tell your friends about your new high score. This is a bit of a glaring omission from the developers.

Longevity – 8/10

The variety of game modes and the fine balance between being difficult while still offering steady progression means there are plenty of legs in this one.

Originality 6/10

Looks great, sounds great and plays great, but let’s be honest there is nothing here you won’t have seen or played before.