Football Chairman App has been classified as a Football Action App

The Football Chairman App is available in the Android and Itunes Stores

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Value For Money – 9/10

Football Chairman is a good time-killer that won’t cost you a penny. In-game extras are minimal; the most you can spend is £2.99. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Sound – 0/10

As with most football games of the ilk, there isn’t a great deal of attention paid to the sound.

Graphics – 7/10

Once again the graphics are very minimal, but given the nature of the game they need not be anything else. Menus are clear and easy to navigate although it can be a bit fiddly selecting individual players to view their statistics because the names are so small. It’s cheap and cheerful, and that’s a compliment.

Gameplay / Playability – 8/10

The premise for Football Chairman App won’t set pulses racing. As you probably guessed you are the chairman of a club (there’s no takeover or moves, you’re stuck with one club for life) and starting from scratch you build a club right to the very top of the game.

Unlike Football Manager of New Star Soccer, the on-field stuff is taken care of by a manager of your choosing. Once that’s done you just have to sit and watch text commentary and hope your team comes out on top.

Of course you have to keep control of the purse strings (careful not to do a Leeds and spend beyond your means, otherwise you’ll be shut down), invest in youth and training, and hire and fire. But frankly, when the window is shut, there’s not a huge amount to do.

That game is strangely compelling though. The joy of seeing a newly signed striker score a hat full of goals and break your previous best record, and seeing your master plan come off is well worth the effort.

Minor quibbles: your manager will suggest any Tom, Dick or Harry regardless of whether you need them or not, and games appear pretty structured (you’ll beat the teams below you and lose to those above) which suggests there isn’t a great deal of AI.

Longevity – 7/10

You’ll find yourself playing the Football Chairman App for quite some time, if only to see what it is like at the top. It is quite repetitive and there is little variation, so some might find years of balancing the books and coping flak from fans a little dull, but it will certainly pique your interest for a while.

SM Interaction – 2/10

This should be nice and simple; there is none. Other than earning a few virtual quid by liking the developer’s Facebook or Twitter profile (@F_Chairman) , there is no interaction with the outside world.

Frankly, if you’re playing a football chairman simulator, there’s not much of that going on in your life anyway.

Originality – 9/10

A different twist on the football sim, it’s not going to blow you away but will keep you out of trouble for long enough.

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