Crap App:

The Football Games Cup Teams was reviewed as a Football Action App

When installing this game the first worrying sign came with the rather bland title and sure enough Football Game My Team turned out to be a frustrating, annoying and disappointing title. The game is intended to be an all action, Fifa-style title that allows free flowing football, plenty of action and replay ability…..none of which it delivers!

The game feels broken, unfinished and untested with obvious flaws ranging from glitches to a total lack of control. The players do not respond to commands, the ball control is impossible and players frequently run through or pass the ball when they should be collecting it. Never mind scoring goals, passing the ball….even touching the ball!… an achievement in this achingly frustrating title.

The fun factor is virtually zero as after wrestling with the controls, most players will give up after a game or two and I can’t imagine this staying on many people’s devices for long!

Value for Money – 2/10

Although the game itself is free, it is not worth the space on your device. I imagine in many cases users will instantly delete this dull and unresponsive titles.

Graphics – 6/10

The one positive aspect of the game is in the graphical department. Everything runs smoothly with good detail, clear identification of features and generally impressive graphics during the matches themselves.

Longevity -0 /10

Due to the fact that this game does not respond to your commands and barely resembles an actual game of football, it will last a mere minutes on most people’s devices before being deleted at speed. Another factor in making this a crap app.

Playability – 0/10

It is almost impossible to review this title based on the gameplay as, quite simply, it does not work. The game itself feels, as mentioned, broken and unfinished. Retrieving the ball, passing, shooting…all impossible. The controls feel so weak that it does not even feel that you are playing a game of football. In fact nothing in the whole title resembles a game of football. AI is poor but that won’t matter as you physically can’t play the title the way you should. There is no gameplay as the controls don’t allow you to partake!

Social Media Interaction 0/10

No available features.

Originality Score – 2/10

Try’s to imitate every other football title you will have played, and enjoyed more!, in days gone by. Graphics wise it defeats many of the similar free titles on devices but the lack of playability and the fact that the whole title feels unfinished lets it down on all fronts. There is nothing new here, no attempts to set the game out from the market and everything is very much football-game-by-numbers. All in all this is a pretty crap app!