The Football Knowledge Quiz was reviewed as a Football Quiz & Trivia App

The Football Knowledge Quiz App Available in the IOS App Store

Quizzing is a particular hobby, rather obsession, of mine so during an average week I try out a large range of quizzing based titles. A simple search on your device will show a whole range of Football based Quiz apps out there, too many to ever consider playing in a lifetime and many apps, such as Football Knowledge Quiz, simply go unnoticed.

Does Football Knowledge Quiz App actually deserve to be noticed? Sadly not.

There are two main problems with this game. Initially, the game plods along at such a slow speed that you will soon get bored. It takes forever for each question to load and it becomes tedious. There are thousands of quiz apps out there that rattle along at a fast pace…this doesn’t. You could literally make a cup of tea in the time it takes each question to load.

Secondly, the lack of questions. Even though you get three modes here looking and General Football, Players and Logos….the questions repeat terribly. By your second or third game you will see questions over and over again which becomes frustrating. There are only so many times you can put up with this. Coupled with the fact the questions are terribly dull and basic and there is very little fun to be had at all!

A disappointing and dull app!

Value for Money – 4/10

Although Football Knowledge Quiz is free, it has to judged alongside other football quiz titles that are out there and this simply does not match up. The lack of features, the disappointing repetition of questions and the lack of originality soon bores players and when competing for space on your device against far superior titles, this pales in comparison. More and better questions would have helped but also the slow nature of the gameplay drags it down massively.

Graphics – 2/10

Menus are basic and dull, animations and pictures are often pixelated and low quality. A very ugly and unappealing app. Even the text size is off and often the longer questions become a strain to read even on devices with bigger screens.

Longevity – 4/10

Football Knowledge Quiz works like most titles in the sense that you are presented with a question and 4 options. But the gameplay is let down by the fact that the loading times are obscene. Questions take an eternity to load on all the devices I have tried out and generally this ruins the title. As mentioned, the dull and repetitive questions don’t help but it is the speed of the game that you will notice first.

Playability – 2/10

Two to three games of Football Knowledge Quiz and you will see repeated questions. Not really acceptable in this day and age and smacks of laziness. The questions are very dull and basic and most require little thought even for a football novice so there is very little reason to come back. The loading times and poor quality of the questions will dissuade you from playing again and the “delete app” button will rapidly be pressed.

Social Media Interaction 0/10

The Football Knowledge Quiz App has no available features.

Originality Score – 2/10

It is very hard to make a quiz app original and although many titles have tried, with varying degrees of success, there is no effort made here. After each question Football Knowledge Quiz presents you will some, quite obviously, copied and pasted Wikipedia information. No attempt is made to set this game apart and what you are left with is a basic, badly presented quiz title that will bore you with is lack of originality and speed.