The Football Maniacs Manager App has been reviewed as a Football Strategy App

Availible in the Apple Store:  Football Maniacs Manager App

I remember fondly the days when there were only a select few management sims on the market….Premier Manager, Championship Manager et al. With the invention of powerful handheld devices though this area of the gaming industry has boomed and the online stores are littered with various games attempting to cash in on what has always been a popular series.

Football Maniacs Manager has simply tried too hard. Too many options, too slow, too many menus and a fiddly navigation system. I never felt in control playing this, felt I was ticking boxes and pressing buttons without actually doing anything. The team have obviously put in a great effort to make a detailed game, but for a free mobile handheld title it is just way too much. It would take hours to learn, weeks to master and still you would find little fun.

Value for Money – 4/10

Free download. The game itself is obviously designed with care and effort, and the whole game is based on the hope players will stick with it long term. But the initial stages are so dull, so time consuming and the whole game itself is way too much effort for so little reward. I can imagine the majority of players will download it, get 10% of the way towards the first match and then delete it.

Graphics – 8/10

One area where Football Maniacs does succeed is the graphics. It looks great on both devices I tried and runs superbly. Great colours, nice looking menus and good graphics whenever they appear. Nothing has been done on the cheap, and for all its flaws, you cannot say that the game looks dull.

Playability – 2/10

If you like to spend your time clicking menu after menu and not really knowing what to do….this is the game for you. If you are a normal human being who actually wants a game where you feel in control and don’t have to scroll through endless buttons to do what you want, then this will frustrate you. Management sims by definition involved clicking, menus and text…..but the way this game functions you never feel in control. In Football Manager you at least know what you are doing, can easily find things and the next match is just a click away. Here, all you get is a mundane array of tasks.

Longevity – 2/10

Although, if you put in the time and effort (and persisted with the boredom) needed to get through this title it could potentially last season after season, a more realistic view is that the game will put off in a matter of minutes hence the longevity is null and void.

Social Media Interaction 4/10

There are some basic features but very little to write home about. Links to various other accounts are possible but most players will have given up on this coma-inducing title long before the SM interaction comes up.

Originality Score – 4/10

Hidden behind all the menus there are some nice features and some effort has been made to make this “not just another management sim” but this is clouded by the flaws. It is a shame as I can easily see a way to make this game more simplified and hence more playable but they have threw so many ideas to the wall that nothing has stuck.

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