Football Owner: Football Strategy App

The App is available for Iphone only.

Best Football Apps Bottom Line:

A superb Football management sim that stands head and shoulders above rivals. Be warned….it is addictive!

Football Owner places itself as the centre of a very crowded market….and it is safe to say, it excel. Far too many Football management sims are rushed and messy, but Football Owner runs smoothly, entertains and works like a dream. With vibrant and visually pleasing graphics coupled with easy to use menus and fast flowing gameplay this is one of the finest apps of its kind. Certainly worth your time, but be warned, the depth and nature of the gameplay may just suck you in and have you addicted! Take the phone off the hook, forget about the dishes and get your team to the top of the league.

Value For Money – 10/10

The app itself is free, so rather than judge the value for money, the question is whether or not the app is worth your time and space on your phone. The answer on both cases is a resounding yes. The game rewards time you put in and the more you can invest in it time wise, the more you will get out of it. It becomes very addictive very quickly and will certainly take up your time! There is an option to pay a small fee to recharge the playing time and this is well worth it

Graphics – 9/10

The game is presented very well and it is clear that the team have taken a great deal of time and effort into producing an app that is not only easy on the eye but visually appealing. Too many of these style of games are dull and that can be off putting. However, with Football Owner the vibrant colors and clear graphics will certainly have you excited!

Gameplay / Playability – 10/10

One of the major criticisms often in these types of games are the over complication of the menus which make it tough to play and navigate. However, Football Owner doesn’t fall into this trap at all, and instead the gameplay

Longevity – 9/10

The longevity of the game comes down to one simple fact…..if you enjoy it then you could be playing this for months on end as the challenge is whatever you want it to be. Go with a big team and make it easier or try and take a lowly club with little finances to the top! The game will run and run and as usual with all these type of games, the more you put into it the more you are going to get out of it!

SM Interaction – 6/10

Very basic interaction but then again it is not really needed in this sort of title.

Originality – 8/10

Football Owner is not original, but it does several things other apps try to and fail and succeeds. It combines a lot of the key elements essential to any good Football game and adds depth, ease of use and solid gameplay. There is very little, if anything new here, but that shouldn’t be considered a negative.

Footy Owner was developed by Lazy Boy: