Overall Review Text      

Oh dear! Rushed, poorly made and offering no challenge and barely any content, this is a classic example of a developer setting out to make a football quiz app half hearted and an app being released that should have really failed quality control. One to avoid!

Value for Money Score  1/5

Free, but you will feel like you have wasted your time. There is nothing at all in this app that makes it worth even spending a second of your time on it. Hideous to look at, hideous to play and I tried it on 2 devices and it crashed them both so even more of a time waster!

Graphics Score  1/5

Remember when you were playing around with Windows 1995 and you used to make things that, by your own standards, you thought was superb but actually looked like vomit on the screen? This is the app that shows that. Very ugly, highly unprofessional and dreadfully behind the times.

Gameplay/Playability Score       1/5

Again, how does that song go? U-G-L-Y, his app aint got no alibi – Try https://www.casinosnz.io/real-money-casinos/ instead! . As hideous as the app is, that is not the worst part. It barely works! As mentioned I tried on two different mobile devices, one being an apple and one being an android and both times it crashed both devices. The slowdown is horrific, the adverts are intrusive and the game is so dull as the questions are essentially so easy, anyone could get them! No thought has been put into the questions and that is where this app fails! A quiz app needs appealing questions to get you back playing. This has not a single decent questions in it.

Longevity Score 1/5

The game is unlikely to last you long as the questions simply don’t live up to any sort of standards you would expect from an app and the ugliness of the game will offend your eyes. If you last more than one game, you will have lasted longer than most I feel  dirty having even played it!

SM Interaction Score     1/5

Originality Score              1/5

No thought, no effort, no originality. The questions are dull, there has been no planning or effort made and the app reeks of a rush job,

Bottom Line Text            

Close to being one of the worst, ugliest and least innovative apps I can remember playing. Avoid!

Summary Positives

Only positive is that it is easy to delete! Spend your time on best online casinos usa not this app!!!

Summary Negatives

One of the ugliest apps on the market, no effort and questions are virtually not questions.