Footy Quiz on Android

Footy Quiz: Football Quiz & Trivia App

The App is available is the Google App Store:

As I have mentioned in previous reviews my two biggest interests are quizzing and football and hence any app that combines the two is certain to arouse my interests. Indeed, Footy Quiz by Hey Digital Ventures seemed on the surface to be something I would love, promising to be the biggest and best football quiz on mobile and coming with the ability to play online against friends. However, all is not as good as it seems and sadly this is one quiz app you may be better off giving a miss.

Value For Money – 4/10

The Footy Quiz app is free but on reflection its rather a waste of your time and download space. The app promises so much with over 200,000 questions and three game modes but with the questions being so dull (more on this later) and the app not working as it should, not to mention the lack of players, it just does not give you a good return on your time investment.

Sound – 0/10

There is no sound on the app as with many quiz apps.

Graphics – 7/10

The one are I can actually be positive about the game is the way it looks. The green and grey colouring really does look nice on screen and all the text and graphics are clear. Presentation wise you cannot fault Footy Quiz and what Hey Digital Ventures have done. A lot of time and perhaps investment has gone into making this visually a good app….it is just a shame it doesn’t back it up in the game.

Gameplay / Playability – 4/10

The gameplay is similar to every other quiz title you have played…multiple choice questions, press the right answer. Nothing new is attempted in the game and its all very basic, the three game modes barley differ and the option to challenge friends and online player is basically broken. The gameplay is ruined by constant crashes (using a Samsung S7) and there are clunky loading times between questions which annoyed me.

Longevity – 2/10

There is nothing here to come back for! Once you have played the game once, realised there are horrible question and got bored of the loading times you will quickly delete it from your device. They advertise 200,000 questions which should mean there is longevity in the app but…

  1. The questions repeat more often than not making me doubt the claim of 200k
  2. The questions are so dull. I would rather have 200 solid questions that are fun than 200,000 that are just plain dull. Who won the French Cup in 2001? Who did Arsenal beat 1-0 in May 2007?….all things you will end up guessing at.

SM Interaction – 2/10

Poor again with just a leader board than decides to load when it wants.

Originality – 1/10 

Every quiz game you have ever played, minus all gimmicks and lifelines and such like and 200,000 poor, boring questions that have no thought put into them at all.

Overall, even for a quizzing and football fan like myself there was very little, if any enjoyment in this app. The perfect example, other than the visuals, of how NOT to make a quiz app. Disappointing.