Football Stats App:

The Four Four Two Stats Zone App has been been reviewed as a Football Utility App

The Four Four Two Stats Zone App is available in the Android Store

Value for Money – 10/10

Four Four Two Stats Zone will set you back a mere 69. I know some people hesitate about paying for apps and there are apps out there similar for free, but none are anywhere close to quality of Four Four Two Stats Zone. If you are keen on football stats there simply isn’t any other option. Four Four Two Stats Zone is the be all and end all, everything else ails in comparison. The level of detail here is superb and no matter what minor fact or figure you require, no matter what game you want to look at….the Four Four Two Stats Zone app does the job. You could literally sit on this app all day and still not even over 10% of what is on offer.

The one thing I would say is that the Four Four Two Stats Zone is not for casual fans. It is for serious hard-core fans who want to see how the latest star buy is performing in recent games etc. It tells you stats such as pass completion, miles covered etc. but also shows involvement in goals and parts of the pitch covered.

Graphics – 9/10

For years Four Four Two have produced a digital magazine of the highest quality and the Four Four Two Stats Zone app meets the expectations created by that. It looks stunning and complicated tables and charts are made clear by high definition graphics and clear colouring. For an app which costs money you expect quality and without doubt the Four Four Two Stats Zone delivers this……it looks fab!

The one minor downside is the intrusive apps which prevents this app from scoring top points here. The adds can sometimes be invasive and can frustrate but that is merely a minor quibble.

Playability – 10/10

Again, the Four Four Two Stats Zone provides the service it promises for a football stats app Without doubt it functions well and effectively. Nothing can be said negative about the functionality as no matter you want to know or need to find, it can be easily done within a few clicks. The Four Four Two Stats Zone functions well and runs superbly and in terms of usability, it cannot be flawed.

Longevity – 8/10

Again in terms of longevity there are two ways to look at Four Four Two Stats Zone. If you are that mad keen on football, love Football stats and apps and enjoy the content this will last a lifetime. You will be pouring over the stats within hours of the game ending and seeking out how your team performed and where it all went wrong. Without doubt for the stattos out there… Four Four Two Stats Zone will be on your device in years.

However, if Opta stats are merely a passing fancy then Four Four Two Stats Zone may be too detailed for you and the more simple stats provided by most media reports will suffice. Hence, again, just a word of warning…the Four Four Two Stats Zone is for the football nuts rather than the casual fan.

Social Media Interaction 10/10

Four Four Two Stats Zone functions as it should and as with all other aspects of the app, it works superbly and provides user satisfaction throughout.

Originality Score – 10/10

Four Four Two Stats Zone uses Opta which is original in itself. Opta is used by managers and coaches across the world and no other app on the market can boast such a claim. Hence in terms of originality it cannot be criticized. The app has a level of stats that cannot be matched anywhere else and when compared with rivals Four Four Two Stats Zone does all the basics well, in addition to novel content that only Opta can provide.

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