Go! Go! World Cup App was reviewed as a Football Action App

In amongst the wave of World Cup Apps being released to coincide with the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil comes Go! Go! World Cup. Like many of the apps I am finding at present, particularly the World Cup related games, the links to Fifa’s prestigious tournament are somewhat vague.

Go! Go! World Cup is a simple touch screen “dribble and avoid” game in which you play a character who is looking to earn his way to “his first vacation” and visit the World Cup Finals. The story is pretty much the only part of Go! Go! World Cup that mentions the tournament and therefore the whole affiliation with the event ends here.

In essence, Go! Go! World Cup is like a million apps you have played before. You essential use the touch screen controls to dribble past a series of obstacles and rack up the highest possible score. At first the game seems tough but on my Samsung device, which is in perfect working order, the response to Go! Go! World Cup was poor and I often felt totally out of control. Crashing into walls felt unavoidable, dribbling became a chore and generally the game is not much fun.

Go! Go! World Cup App is therefore best avoided and there are far better ways to spend your time!