My Top 5 Football Apps

As one of the editors of the site I thoughts I would share with you the Top 5 Best Football Apps currently on my IPhone 5. Through my involvement with this site I obviously have exposure to a number of apps but you may be surprised to hear that very few make it to my phone.

Nowadays I tend to say clear of football simulation and strategy apps as I simply don’t have the time to commit to these and download apps that fall into the BFA Football News, Info & TV category, I think my FIFA and Football Manager App days are long gone. I guess I’m a news junky now. So my apps are in no particular order:

One app that I don’t use frequently but I really do love is Match Pint. Recommend to me by a friend I found this app extremely useful when away from my town (in a hotel with crap/no or expensive Wi-Fi where I can’t watch Sky Go) on business and wanting to catch a midweek game of footie. I don’t care much for the other sports on the app as I am a footie man through and through so I only really skin the surface of this app really. It has been reviewed on here before and I have commented my views on this so we shall leave it at that.

On reflection the app I use the most frequently is the FotMob app from Norapps. With Liverpool’s recent title run in I found myself almost addicted to this app for my news, scores, and league table analysis and fixture calculation. In addition to all this the app is not just a EPL centric – it caters for virtually all European Leagues and the news feed keeps you abreast of goings on around Europe – a particular area of interest for me. It really is a top quality app and one that I am sure we shall review in the coming months.

Next up is the football news app that FotMob replaced and that is Onefootball. I used this app for quite a while and the chaps in Berlin have done a great job with it but I am now hooked on Fotmob and I guess this is only on here as my backup news info app.

One of my other loves is quizzes and when mixed together with football you have a winning combo – depending you get the right app.  I indulge my geeky passion with two separate football quiz apps. I joke with my friends that one is my mistress and one is my wife! The mistress is The Football Quiz and the wife is FootieQuiz. The former is quick, slick and good to look at and I pick up and play in small sessions and the latter is more of a project and commitment where I work my way through thousands of questions. I love them both but like a mistress and a wife they give me different thrills and spills!

Incidentally one of the first thing I did when I got my IPhone, some 4 years ago was go to the app store and type ‘Liverpool FC Quiz‘ but this was in the early days of the app store and no searches were returned. Unfortunately doing the same now  gives me results from what I have seen all the Liverpool FC Quiz apps (and other club quiz apps for that matter) are shite – perhaps I’m being a little too polite there. So do let me know if you have come across a good one and perhaps we will give it a review.