The Head Soccer App was reviewed as a Football Action App

Simple titles are often the best and Head Soccer proves that a simple idea, executed well can lead to a fun, addictive and all-round excellent app!

The game centres around a game of 1-1 football in which you play an oversized footballer attempting to score, by any means necessary, past your oversized opponent. Marvellous! Think Pong meets Soccer Stars….or in fact, just think Pong with extra large bats!

The game is produced in a cartoon based style with fun being the emphasis ranging from the sound effects, the colourful appeal of the menus and the various modes. With leagues, survival modes, online features and the use of coins/cash the game has plenty of long term appeal and once hooked, you will find yourself coming back time and time again!

Value for Money – 9/10

A free title that provides re-playability and long term appeal is a rare thing but Head Soccer does just that. The addictive nature of the game play for one will have you coming back over and over, add to that updated leagues, tournaments and a variety of modes and you get plenty to get your teeth stuck into.

Graphics – 7/10

The game takes its own cartoon-style approach to graphics so whist they are by no means aiming for realism, the cartoon nature must be praised as it looks great on all devices I tried it on. Everything is detailed, well animated and down to the menus this game is very easy on the eye.

Longevity – 8/10

As long as you find the gameplay fun and aren’t looking for anything that involves a major amount of skill, you will keep coming back to this title in short bursts. Leagues, tournaments, various modes and level upgrades will keep you coming back for more, and it does exactly what an app should….provides an entertaining distraction!

Social Media Interaction 0/10

No available features.

Originality Score – 6/10

Although it takes inspiration from titles such as Pong in the sense that it involves basic gameplay, the whole package feels fresh and new.