We all love free football apps don’t we? But lets face it, there can be a load of crap out there that you really wished you hadn’t bother to download and waste your time with! So, let us take that problem away from your with our Free App Reviews section of our site. We are wholly independent and don’t favour Apple over Android or vice versa. If you are a developer with an app you would like reviewed or a fan of a particular app that you believe the football app community need to hear about then get in contact and we will take a look at the app.

Our mission is to review football apps so that you don’t make the mistake in the first place. We take the time to really review the apps looking at a number of areas such as; originality, longevity (how long the app is likely to keep you engaged) and Value for Money. For more details of the madness of our methods check out ourĀ Football App Review Methodology page.