Live Football on TV App was Reviewed as a Football News, Info & TV App

Value For Money – 4/10 

It’s hard to see where your money goes when it comes to this app, or why you have to pay for it at all.

Sound – 0/10

This app has no sound.

Graphics – 6/10

The graphics on display here are a little underwhelming. There’s huge white spaces and cheap looking logos. It’s not the most enriching user experience, let’s put it that way.

Usability – 5/10

Live Football on TV App pretty much does what it says on the tin. It lets you know when upcoming fixtures will appear on TV. It’s weighted towards the UK market but there is an option to change to display international broadcasts.

There are plenty of problems with this app (of which we’ll get to later) but the biggest issue is that you are left thinking: “What am I paying for?”.

The app is so basic and offers a service that isn’t original or unique, that can be obtained elsewhere (albeit not necessarily tailored towards sport, but a more general TV Guide app) – plus there’s no added extras to it to make it worth your while. You can put a fixture in your calendar or share it, but it’s impossible not to feel underwhelmed.

The problems extent beyond its core function as well. It seems a little half-baked (a serious no-no if you’re going to charge) – for example, under “more features” there are no features, only a message asking you to get in touch with any feature ideas. Want to share a fixture on Twitter? The message is around 60 characters too long so you have to amend it yourself. Little things like this show this app hasn’t been properly thought through.

Plus, would it be so difficult to add some filter options so fixtures could be sorted rather than lumped all together?

The coverage of fixtures is at least comprehensive across a huge variety of leagues so that’s a plus, but it all feels very half-baked.

Longevity – 5/10

There is a market for this app, and it could be a useful tool if only because of the range of leagues it covers, but at the moment, it’s simply not a keeper.

SM Interaction – 6/10

As mentioned above there are a few gremlins in works when it comes to posting to Twitter, but at least you can post a message to plenty of different social media sites. It’s a bit underwhelming though.

Originality – 6/10

The TV Guide app is nothing revolutionary; the Live Football on TV App is a nice idea but poorly executed. The coverage is unparalleled; however that won’t be enough to persuade you to part ways with your hard-earned cash.