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Monthly Footie App Review Round up

April’s review brings us few fools and a good mixture of footie app category reviews. By virtue of being the first to be reviewed in their respective categories the Match Pint and Bet2Go Apps become cat leaders where as we see a new cat leader in the Football Quiz & Trivia and also in Football strategy Apps.

App: Match Pint App 6.6/10

Category: Football Utility Apps

Current Highest Rate Category App: New Leader Match Pint

This is the first of our Football Utility Apps to be reviewed by our reviewer Pete South and for once I disagree with some of his comments and think some are a little harsh. Set against FIFA 14 a functional app like this would score lowly but let’s not forget this is a utility app. It provides a quality free service to real football fans and often a free pint to boot. Good SM, pop up alerts and great graphics also help. Pete’s comments on the database are fair – we tried searching in Cromer and had little luck whereas in London your spoilt for choice – I guess like fine wine (and us blokes) the database will get better with age. A nice feature for consideration would be an in match/pub football quiz to keep you engaged at say half time or post-match.


App: Footie Quiz: Career and Challenge App 8.3/10

Category: Football Quiz & Trivia

Current Highest Rate Category App: New Leader Footie Quiz: Career and Challenge

Football quiz apps are two a penny at the moment and it is fair to say that the app marketplace is saturated. However this app offers something different than the constantly re-skinned logo quiz’s or question quizzes which are dated and fully of embarrassing typos. Although it is not for everyone. In its current form it is a hard-core football and quiz fans app. If you are looking at an easy ride in testing your knowledge this is not for you. I guess Pete’s review reflects this. This is a football fans app and coming from the people that run it is hardly surprising. Pete’s review is generous in my opinion as it lacks a few things – particularly instant gratification and a clear levelling up system – yes there are achievements that could be won but these are on the face of it for mega hard achievements and I was a little confused how my career was progressing and how that was linked to my stats. Still it’s free and challenge mode is fun a la Quiz Up


App: Bet2Go App 6.4/10

Category:  Football Betting Apps

Current Highest Rate Category App: New Leader  Bet2Go

Our first football betting app review. This footie app has clean graphics and good social media interaction. Placing bets is safe and secure, just set up an account and register a debit or credit card and you are good to go; pretty much every betting resource you’ll ever need is in one place. Live in-game odds and scores are updated quickly so there’s no hanging about. Although we can’t vouch for the quality of the match odds this is nonetheless a good football betting app – how good? Well we shall find out as we review the other ‘bigger players’ in the app betting marketplace.


App: Football Chairman App 6.0/10

Category: Football Strategy Apps

Current Highest Rate Category App: New Leader Football Chairman

Football Chairman is an original idea with good time killing ability and won’t cost you a penny, in-app purchases are not really needed (although it depends if your get hooked!). It’s overall score is brought down by no sound and poor SM interaction but I guess that is likely to be the case for most if not all football strategy apps. All in all I personally think it is a great little app and look forward to seeing improvements from the Underground Creative team.


March Football App Review Round Up

App: The Times – Goals App 6.9 /10

Category:  Football News, Info & TV Apps

Current Highest Rate Category App: BBC Sports

Make no bones about it this is an excellent app that took what the ESPN EPL Highlights app did last year and made it 5 times better. It has quality commentary and great features and delivers what football fans immediately (well as fast licensing laws allow), the fact is if you’re not inclined to read the Times then it simply isn’t worth the £8 per month subscription costs. If you’re a Times Reader then it is a quality addition for free. Overall score let down by poor SM and VFM.

Verdict: WORTH DOWNLOADING – If your rich and or a Times reader

App: Cristiano Ronaldo Footy App 5.9/10

Category: Football Action App Games

Current Highest Rate Category App: New Leader FIFA 14

Despite good graphics the gameplay (rated a lowly 4/10 from our reviewer) simply lets this footy App down – clearly not everything Cristiano Ronaldo touches turns to gold! As a Football action app game it does try to be different and offer a twist but the results are poor (particularly for Longevity and Social Media).


App: FIFA 14 App 8.3/10

Category: Football Action App Games

Current Highest Rate Category App: New Leader FIFA 14

With a series of 8’s and 9’s this app leads the way in both its App Category and is awarded the highest score on Best Football Apps to date. Clearly winning the BFA App of the Month in the process. I guess what else would you expect from the EA Sports FIFA team? Not many football apps can boast stunning sound like FIFA 14 can and the Social Media in the app is better than any we have seen in a football app. It is going to take a special app to knock this one off the top.


App: Kick Football 2014 3D App 1.8/10

Category: Football Action App Games

Current Highest Rate Category App: New Leader FIFA 14

From top of the footie app Premier League to the bottom of the football league pyramid in one months’ worth of reviewing. This is truly a shocking app. A high score of 4 for its graphics is dragged down by virtually every feature of this app. Do yourself a favour dust down the Sega Mega drive as you will get more gameplay and satisfaction out of that relic and this app!