The Match Pint App has been reviewed as a Football Utility App

The Match Pint App is available in the Android Store

Value For Money – 9/10

The Match Pint App itself is free, and in some cases will actually save you money. What more could you ask for?

Sound – n/a

Match Pint does not have any sound, but it is not really needed in this type of app.

Graphics – 8/10

Match Pint is undeniably slick and looks pretty cool to boot. The simple and clean design makes it easy to navigate and every aspect of the app is made pretty accessible.

Usability – 6/10

The Match Pint App has three main aspects to it. One: see which venues near you are showing any given upcoming sporting fixture. Two: organise friends through social media. Three: earn rewards like free drinks through by checking in at venues and leaving reviews.

In the Match Pint spiel, they say: “Imagine the scenario; Five minutes to kick off and you’re scampering around looking for a pub showing the match”. Honestly, ask yourself, has it ever happened to you? If you’re out and about it could be handy but at home, most people know their local venues and will go to the same place to watch their chosen sports time and time again.

It may be a little harsh, but it’s hard to shake the feeling of; ‘Couldn’t I just do this myself?’ when it comes to Match Pint. It feels a little bit like a solution to a problem that doesn’t entirely exist.

Viewed just as a directory it is pretty handy, but no more. The list of venues is far from complete either; a quick search of west London for places showing a high-profile NFL play-off fixture doesn’t bring up the option to watch it at the Carlsberg Sports Bar in Piccadilly Circus, one of the biggest sports bars in London. Not being able to sort by sport or access a full calendar is also a design flaw.

Longevity – 6/10

If nothing else Match Pint works as a good diary planner for any sports-nut, especially for those looking to watch American and less mainstream sports where places to watch may be harder to find – although be warned, the directory isn’t 100% complete.

SM Interaction – 6/10

The heart of this app is its interactivity. It’s all about getting friends together to watch sport and there is a lot going on in this respect. You can check in at bars to earn points which go towards rewards like free drinks, and you can tweet or post Facebook messages telling them to meet you at a certain place and time.

Better integration with things like creating events and tagging people while still in the app would improve it greatly.

Originality – 8/10

MatchApp claims its USP is that venues themselves upload their schedules, meaning that you can search by fixture. Generally speaking this is a great concept well executed.

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