Once a conqueror always a conqueror. Lionel Messi has lived up to his fame and all the legendary things we hear about him. The footballer has had quite a reputation. But we will not pretend that everyone knows who is. Although we all have the assumption that everyone is supposed to know him.

For the benefit of our readers who have no idea let us give you a brief history. Keep on reading and get to know things that you never knew about Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi biography

Lionel Messi is an Argentina and Barcelona footballer who has won the FIFA world cup player of the year. And you might be thinking that many people have won that so what is so special right? Well, get this, he obtained this title 4 times now. That is like winning a real money online pokies jackpot four times. Which is why football fans then go on to compare Lionel Messi with the legendary Diego Maradona.

Enough with what the football player has done in the past. Because clearly, we might take the whole day. Now we move on to why he is the man of the moment. And why is it that everyone seems to be talking about him.

Being the top is now becoming a title that looks like it is going to stick with him for a long time. His 11-year history is currently making him the headlines. According to a blog found at sagamblingsites.co.za, as yet again in 2018, he managed to emerge as the top scorer. Scoring 47 goals, something that other players could only dream of doing.

Clearly, this year has ended well for the modern football player. This calls for a celebration if you ask us. We are looking forward to another great year and hoping that Lionel Messi keeps up the good work. He never ceases to amaze us which is why many fans are always looking forward to another Lionel Messi year!