Although we typically talk about smaller games on the market or new ones that will be coming out soon, today we are discussing a widely popular game that you have likely heard of before. This game has been around for years and if you do not know what the acronym stands for, it is Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. This is actually the 19th year that the game has been around and it may not be as widely known as other soccer video games, but it is still available on all of the same platforms. It is mostly played on mobile devices like cell phones, but it is also available on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms as well as PC.

PES 2020 2

This 2020 specific version of the game was launched on all platforms on September 10, 2019. Only in Japan was it launched later on which made its debut in the country on September 12, 2019 just two days later. Technically the game is called eFootball PES 2020, due to the online portion of the game of course. This just goes to show how much games and sports in general are shifting from the physical realm to the online society just like online casino au, especially based on the current situation of the world. This is a common trend that we have seen within the last year alone due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large boom in the video game industry. Although that is something worth discussing more in a separate article.


Due to the game’s long history you can count on it to be stellar year in and year out and the numbers really show this. By June 2020 alone, the game had been downloaded over three hundred million times so who knows what this number is now. It is just as high quality as the FIFA games made by EA Sports, but cheaper and easier to access. The mobile version of FIFA is certainly not as nice as PES 2020, because PES was designed to be easily accessible and high quality for mobile users. These two games took two separate approaches on what consoles they would focus on and you can easily tell by simply playing these games.


Final Verdict

As for PES 2020 we have to rate this game a 9/10 due to its wide popularity and optimization for mobile gaming. Its comparable to online slots south africa Now the only thing lacking here is that as many sports games do, they do not change much from year to year besides the rosters of the teams. This is the same issue in this game, but there is not much that you can do about it unfortunately. With that, we would like to leave you with some key pros and cons to take away from this article. We highly recommend that you give this game a shot, especially if you have never played it before.


Pros and Cons


  • Widely Popular
  • Easy Access
  • Optimized for Mobile Gaming


  • Same Game, Just Different Players
  • Slightly Worse on Consoles
  • Hard to Improve Year After Year