Coral bring to the market an app that has all the features and details you could need in a betting app from a high street bookmaker, but several running issues and loading times mean that the app can sometimes be frustrating and when rivals have such hassle free apps, I can’t help but feel they are missing a trick by not eliminating these issues. I tried several devices on several different internets and the problems were common. Load times for screens, not registering bets and timing me out for starters!

Value For Money – 3/5

The Coral app is free and it takes up very little space. The running issues with the app however, and I have tried this one 4-5 devices, mean that if you have a laptop close by it is far easier hopping online than trying to rely on the app!

Graphics – 5/5

The one area where this does beat its rivals is the graphics! The app is vibrant, bright colours and images with everything easy to find and see. Maybe the improved graphics are causing the loading times delay. I am scoring this a 5/5 as the graphics cannot be faulted but I for one would rather have a smooth running app than a fancy one!

Gameplay / Playability – 3/5

The app suffers from slowdown and long log in and loading times which makes its usability score low. If the app ran smoothly then the actual ease of use of the app is second to none with interactive menus, easy navigation to sports and a nice flowing bet/confirm system. The one part that takes time, other than the loading, is making a deposit which can get annoying!

Longevity – 1/5

I do gamble in Corals in store and occasionally on the website, but the app won’t last long on my phone. If I do need to gamble on the go and place a quick bet on my phone I would use rivals as their apps simply work better!

SM Interaction – n/a

Originality –2/5

Corals have tried to produce an app that replicates their website and nothing original is done in terms of their rivals. It is a betting app what more can be said…the loading issues do have a big affect on the enjoyment but the app does nothing new, and in fact some of the differences such as the way you deposit money make it a far worse experience!

Best Football Apps Bottom Line: 

An app that does not reflect the company! Loading issues, constant log outs and multiple problems with depositing mean this is a frustrating gambling experience.

The Coral Betting App can be downloaded from the Android store here