Score Hero is a clever, strategy based football game designed for mobiles that actually works really well on the small screen. Instead of ramming a directional pad and 4 buttons onto the small screen for our fat fingers to struggle with, it focuses on slowed down, puzzle styled gaming.

Brought out in 2015 by developer First Touch, Score Hero plays out in scenarios. You may jump into a game 2 nil down and the puzzle starts. The play stops, you have a view of the pitch and players in front of you and you draw lines on the phone from the ball carrier, to whoever you want to pass to. crazy vegas online casino Work your way up the pitch until you are in shooting range and try to beat the keeper. Be the Score Hero.

Score! Hero Review

You may be thrust into a game losing 1 nil in the 90th minute. The game plays and your team has a penalty. The animation stops and it is you on the penalty spot against the keeper to salvage a draw. You could be three nil up, taking a corner. Draw a line onto one of your players in the area. The animation kicks in and assuming the ball makes it to your player, will stop when it reaches them. Now draw a line towards the goal to hopefully score.

A simple sounding game, yes, but one that works so much better than the full 90 minute gameplay football games on mobile. The screen is just too small for them to ever work really well. Score Hero works, mostly. It is really nice to write up a review on a mobile game that has way more positives than negatives.

There is a great amount of content too. Currently standing at over 240 levels. online casino united states 240 exactly in the main game but there are also bonus seasons added. These play out in a limited time which add another 10 levels on special occasions. Each scenario obviously has a main aim. Score a goal or multiple goals, to complete it. There are bonus missions to get stuck into as well. Score 2 goals with a header, score within three kicks, things like that. That adds a little more replay value in getting stars for completing the scenario. Complete the scenario and you get 1 of 3 stars, complete the scenario and the bonus missions and you get up to 3 stars. They aren’t pointless stars either.

Minor complaints aside, Score Hero is, by far, the best football game you can play on mobile for free. It is challenging enough to hold interest. There is a lot of content and will have you reaching for your phone the second the alert comes through saying your lives are replenished. Score Hero is one of the best examples of developers understanding mobiles and how to make a game work within its confines. Excellent job, First Touch. Other developers should take note. We highly suggest you try this game out, we promise you won’t be disappointed!