Score! World Goals (First Touch)  has been reviewed as a Football Action App

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Value For Money – 7/10

The game itself is free and will keep you occupied for hours, but the in-game add-ons are quite

pricey. For example, 50,000 credits cost just under £30.


Sound – 7/10

Score! World Goals features an exclusive soundtrack from Oxford indie up-and-comers Dance a

la Plage; it’s upbeat and catchy without being grating. The in-game sound is passable and

features all the old favourites – tinny crowd roars and an arbitrary piece of commentary when the

ball hits the back of the net.


Graphics – 8/10

The graphics, and indeed the overall look of Score! World Goals is impressive. The menus will

please football nerds across the land with nods to old-school sticker books and half-time



The game apparently boasts an ‘ultra-realistic graphics engine’ which produces a ‘console like’

experience; and while that’s a tad over the top the game is certainly pleasing on the eye, with

smooth transitions and realistic looking gameplay.


Gameplay / Playability – 9/10

This is perhaps the strongest point of Score! World Goals. Your aim is to recreate iconic goals

from different eras and you start in 2010, which features goals from the World Cup in South

Africa that year. There is something unbelievably satisfying about helping Andres Iniesta slam

home the winner in the final against Holland.


The way you go about scoring the goals is as satisfying as scratching an itch too. It’s pretty

simple, just follow a set pattern like a piece of choreography to carve open a defence and flick

your finger to slam it past the ‘keeper. As soon as you ping a cross field pass, resplendent with

sufficient swerve to take it away from a covering defender for a striker volley home, you’ll be



A minor gripe is that the developers boast about artificial intelligence but everything here is

pretty structured, and on the bonus level it would have added another dimension if each level

was played out at full speed, rather than stopping to allow you to consider your next move.


Longevity – 8/10

With over 300 goals from different eras to sink your teeth into, and with three different difficulty

settings, you’ll be playing this Score! World Goals for hours on end. The ‘Daily Goal Challenge’ is a nice touch.


SM Interaction – 2/10

This is fairly non-existent. After scoring a goal you can automatically post a short, brief text-only

post with your Facebook friends that inspires no interaction.


Originality – 9/10

Wonderfully simple and original, this football game with puzzle-like characteristics is addictive,

while the fact that you are recreating history with iconic goals of the past is a stroke of genius.

That elevates this game above others in its field and keeps you coming back, again and again.