Soccer Agent: Football Strategy App

The App is available for Iphone only.

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Soccer Agents often make the news for all the wrong reasons….tapping player up, forcing them to move, commanding extortionate fees and living lavish lifestyles. Now is your chance to step into the shoes of a Soccer Agent in this new application. Soccer Agent: Football Management Simulation is certainly a novel concept and there are not many other apps out there, if any that cover this sort of ground. I must admit on seeing the game I was not sure how it could work, and in the large it is very hit and miss. A great valiant effort all round with a few tweaks this could become a must have!

Value For Money – 6/10

The app is free on IOS, and because its rather unique, I had to be fair with the scoring here. They don’t overload you with items to purchase and you can easily enjoy the game without limits without spending a penny. In saying that I always think about is it worth your time? My feeling is most people will take a look at this out of curiosity as it is fairly unique to the market and last around 1-2 hours. Even the most hardened player will get bored 4-5 hours in as it doesn’t added anything fresh at all so for your time investment you have an app that will last 1-2 session at most. Although the concept is original, as you will see below there is not enough in the actual game to keep you wanting more.

Sound – 3/10

Nothing hideous but nothing interesting to speak off. There isn’t really much they could do with the sound to enhance the gameplay in all honesty and I found during my time playing it I loaded up some background music as there literally is not anything to hear.

Graphics – 4/10

Nothing much at all to speak of here, the text and graphics are very very basic. They do a good functional job of presenting the information, the text size is good and everything is readable but the game, compared to modern standards, just looks and feels very ugly indeed. More effort would have been expected from a game that relies on text and menus.

Gameplay / Playability – 6/10

The object of the game is making money by getting your plays good moves, negotiating with them, earning their respect and such like. At first its really fun to scout the new players, which is all easy to do on the app, and find talent who will make you millions then tout them to the biggest clubs and walk away with millions in your pocket. But the menus and lack of interaction soon becomes boring. One or two menus are overly complicated and the game seems to make you do roundabout tasks when it should be one click. It is fun though, hence the 6, but you need patience. There is also no licencing which always takes the shine off football games for me.

Longevity – 4/10

All those factors above, the core of the gameplay, is novel for the first or second time you do it. It is satisfying getting that first big move and scouting a young player who turns into a superstar but the second and third time it becomes dull and I don’t see much reason to come back to this game. All the add ons such as Office designers and dealing with commercial managers and such like just doesn’t hold interest and the items you can buy to enhance the game via real money are not tempting enough at all.

You also only get four season for free and then are expected to buy the game to continue.

SM Interaction – 4/10

Poor and limited functions without any enhancement to the overall experience. There are some leaderboards and Game Center Achievements but you won’t stick around long enough to let them kick in!

Originality – 8/10

This is one area where the game has to score highly as there is not anything like this anywhere on the market. The promises are good but the delivery does not quite cut the mustard and this really is a good opportunity missed. The app need to looks better and add more detail to the game, with more twists and turns and interactions, and it would score more highly overall. Its unique but fails to capitalise on this uniqueness.

Overall I feel that although this is a good idea and a novel concept, its let down massively in execution. More though, time and ideas, with a bit more variation in the gameplay, and this could be a must have but at present its nothing more than a “take a look and delete” title.