SGE England Manager

Although much lampooned and lambasted for not being able to take advantage of the Golden Generation of the England National team, when you break down the reign of Sven Goran Eriksson as England manager then there were moments to look back on with fondness……Let us take a look at the top 5 moments for Sven Goran Eriksson’s England….

  1. 40-10

Under Seven England won 40 matches and lost 10. Our qualification record was immense, and although the football was never great to watch, we felt solid again, something which didn’t happen under Kevin Keegan.

  1. Rooooooooney 

The Golden Generation was on its last legs could have been playing real money online slots who knew? We needed hope…suddenly Sven gave Wayne Rooney the call, unleashed him on France in the first game of Euro 2004 and for that brief shining moment…he terrorised them. Until the injury hit, he was on fire, looked like a world beater and we finally had our own world class striker. He would go on to be the top scorer for the team, but the excitement in that France game of an on fire Rooney gave us hope of a new dawn

  1. The Revenge of Beckham

Indoors in Japan wasn’t the best setting for a titanic clash between Argentina and England, and the game petered out into a dull affair that was low on quality. Chances were few and far between and all the pre-game build up, largely revolving around the game 4 years earlier and THAT sending off, had hyped this up to a standard it could never match. Owens…er….shall we say foul to be kind?…..penalty….Beckham…England…..goal.  4 years of anger, pain and frustration burst out as he grabbed the shirt, kissed the badge and did what everyone of us was doing…screamed the house down!

  1. Owen scores against Brazil

The 2002 World Cup was England hype at its biggest. The tournament kept producing results and after some solid wins, we found ourselves in a quarter final against the world’s best team…..Brazil. Did we dare to dream? Could we really do it? Was this really a Golden Generation? In the first half when Michael Owen looked his sharpest to pounce on a Lucio mistake and tucked the ball away we believed. We all did! Let us not talk about what happened next.

Engalnd 5-1

  1. Germany 1 v England 5

It had to be!? Aside from the run to the Semi Finals of the 2018 World Cup, there is no occasion on which I remember feeling more joy as an England fan then that night. Away in Germany we were told we could never win, they never lose at home. We could maybe scrape a draw and rely on other results going our way to get out of the group……pardon me? A rampant England tore apart the German team considered amongst the world’s best. Even Heskey scored (as the title of his recent autobiography confirms) and he couldn’t even won on casinos online This result alone caused a revolution in the German game. Simply one of the best nights to be an England fan