Over the years, the cricket, football and Rugby Union national sides have provided plenty of drama excitement and interest for the sports fan. But they have also proved very profitable for others who have indulged in some new zealand sports betting. Not only does it add to the drama but can ake the victory ever so sweeter (or help the bitter pill of defeat easier to swallow!). Either way lets take a look at some betting  options that may entice you in the near future.

Where should you take the risks and where are the rewards on new zealand sports betting? Lets start with the pride and joy, the All Blacks. Forget just about the standard bets on winning events, tournaments and matches the true fan of betting can take home huge rewards by taking advantage of one, or many, of the wide range of options available when betting online. Next try scorer? Take a look at who is playing well. The All Blacks have a habit off crushing sides late on so look at best on points scored, winning maragins etc. Studying how the All Blacks side play can reap rewards later with betting allowing you for in play bets!

The Cricket side can also provide options for betting. Cricket is all about stats and because betting allows you to bet using your knowledge, looking at run totals, highest scorers and the form of the bowlers can lead to some interesting chances to win. A solid bet on the same player being the top run scorer in every one day match for example can lead to an interesting profit line. Strike whilst the iron is hot and get your studying hat on and see how rewarding using that knowledge with online betting can truly be!

But even if you are sitting at home in Auckland, Wellington or Dunedin, online gambling now means you can bet on events happening all over the world. And the options are indeed endless. Whether to be the English games, US Sports or events happening across Asia, online gambling means you can indulge your passion and make the whole “sports watching” experience even better!


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