The Team Stream App has been reviewed as a Football News, Info & TV App

The Team Stream App is available in the Android Store

Value for Money – 4/10

The Team Stream app is free on all formats and therefore judgments cannot be too harsh. However, the simple fact that the app is hard to navigate, doesn’t function as promised and ends up waking you up in the middle of the night means it cannot be considered value. Time after time I set up notification protocols and told the app what I wanted to be informed of and what I didn’t. This function simply did not work. I ended up getting updates on NASCAR in the middle of the night despite never ever clicking an option that I was interested in NASCAR. This happened on a daily basis on various other avenues.

Graphics – 6/10

From such a large media outlet you would expect an app to look good and in essence this does. High quality photographs, good animations and clear menus. It all flows well to an extent and looks as professional as you would expect. However, the graphics and pictures tend to go overboard and no thought has been put into how this functions on a handheld device. Pictures, though clear, are often too large and cannot be viewed with scrolling around. Once you cut past the first appearance and look at how the graphical element of this app functions within reference to the usability of the app…it is nothing but a hindrance.

Playability – 3/10

Although the menus are vivid and clear there are just simply far too many of them. The set up process is tedious as you have to fill in what equates to a lengthy questionnaire about how you want the app to function for you….I imagine some people will just turn off at this point.

The other main function, as mentioned above, is the fact that the pictures are often too large and hinder the reading and the pages are littered with links which impedes the enjoyment of using the app. Many a time I went to scroll down, a link appeared and without meaning too I had clicked it.

One of the most annoying and frustrating apps I have ever used.

Longevity – 5/10

Another main issues here is that Team Stream goes for way too much information. Every sport is covered and because the customisation options don’t work well you end up scrolling through pages and pages of news on sports you have no interest in to get to what you want.

The other issue is the content here is dull. There are way too much topics such as “Top 10 Nascar drivers from St Louis” or “The top Ten footballers never to have played for England”……These top 10 lists are constant and clog up news feeds. They are designed to attract google hits but they ruin this app.

Social Media Interaction 0/10

Does not work at all! The options are there and the customisation should mean users can make the most of SM interaction but this simply does not function in the way it should. It is broken and the app makers need to rectify it otherwise this will cause massive failure in the app.

Originality Score – 0/10

The app tries to do several things….news, views, opinion and “interesting” articles but it fails on all fronts. The app tries nothing new and instead throws a lot of old material at the wall hoping something will stick. Nothing does and this app will simply be erased from your device in favour of far more efficient and concise news applications.