The Football Quiz App:

The Football Quiz App was reviewed as a Football Quiz & Trivia App

The Football Quiz App is available in the Itunes Store

As something of a quizzer, I have rather high standards when it comes to apps and unless they have something going for them either in terms of a unique approach or indeed good solid questions then they don’t often last long on my device. In essence, this application wins through and gains such a high grade primarily due to the fact that not only does it function well and is very easy to play, but the questions quality is high and database is seemingly large meaning for a quick distraction this serves its purpose very well indeed.

Value for Money – 9/10

As a free app, you have to consider whether it is worth its place on your device and worth the time investment. As long as you are a football fan and enjoy testing your knowledge of all areas of the sport then this app will very much appeal to you. It has clearly taken time and effort to invest into questions which are well thought out, unique and expansive meaning repetition is low and the value of keeping it on your device is indeed high.

Graphics – 8/10

I have played many quiz apps and some are downright ugly and it puts you off playing or taking the app seriously. The Football Quiz does not have that problem but instead flourishes with vibrant colours, HD displays and good textual graphics. Click here for an updated list of casino bonuses in the UK. Presentation wise I cannot really fault it and it is clear that time and effort has been taken to produce a game that looks as good as it plays.

Playability – 8/10

In terms of football-only quiz titles I don’t think I have played a better one on any device in the last few years. This is largely down to the questions which are well written, thought out brilliantly and interesting. No filler at all and instead you get questions you care about knowing the answer to instead of boring time fillers. This makes the game fun to play and gives it that “one more go” factor that so many quiz titles lack. It’s all easy to pick up and play with simple modes, no overly complicated menus and simple multiple choice questions.

Longevity – 9/10

Now, the score is so high here based on the fact that the database seems large. I have had several hundred games of this and have very very little repetition. Virtually none! This means that the game will always sustain interest until the point comes where I have seen most of the questions. However, with regular updates this could easily be a 10! There are plenty of modes to add up the playing hours and get stuck into but essentially the quality of the questions will be why you keep coming back!

Social Media Interaction 0/10

Nothing set out.

Originality Score – 7/10

There is very little about the app that is original in terms of the gameplay, functionality or the ideas behind it, but why score 8 I hear you say? This is primarily due to the fact that the questions are original, challenging and fun. I am giving this such a highs core in this, and essentially all categories as it is clear that instead of making the app and adding dull questions, a clear effort has been made to ensure the questions, which let’s face it are at the heart of any quiz app, are quality and impressive.