Title Challenge App has been reviewed as a Football Strategy App

Title Challenge App aims to recreate the joy and simplicity of the management games that won legions of fans in the 1990s and succeeds. The modern day football management games get bogged down giving the player far too much to do, over complicated menus and difficult systems. Title Challenge strips all that back to give the player a unique, nostalgia fuelled yet fresh feeling management title that is dangerously addictive. Players of the old style management sims will instantly fall in love with this title and players who are tired of the over complicated modern management sims will find much joy in this game.

Value for Money – 8/10

This game costs $3.99 on the US store and this presents great value for money. Usually apps which charge money immediately set themselves up for a fail review wise as they need to set themselves apart. Too many apps charge for what other apps offer for free and it simply will annoy users. However, Title Challenge presents something unique on the market and given the amount of work, effort and time the team have clearly put into making this game enjoyable and fun to use it is fair to charge for it.

Bare in mind though that this is not a game many people will download and delete or indeed download and play once in a while. It demands time, attention and is addictive. Players will spend hours a day on this and it will remain installed on devices for years. Regular updates are promised which means you have plenty of value in this title.

Graphics – 9/10

This game harks back to the days of football management when they were all text based and there is therefore no graphics to judge but the presentation of Title Challenge must be mentioned. On two devices I tried this on the colours were vibrant, everything worked well and was clear. Everything was clear and for a game that asks for your money, this gives you a bang for your buck in the presentation department.

Playability – 10/10

Title Challenge takes a tried and tested formula of the early Championship Manager titles and perfects it meaning that, in terms of nostalgia based management games, it cannot be faulted. For a cheap, handheld game it gives you depth, ease of use and satisfaction which very few games can meet. Title Challenge is in fact on par with the fun of the early management tiles and brings nothing but enjoyment to the user. Everything runs so smoothly, the development and design are flawless, the menus can be navigated with ease and within minutes you are up and running your season. Other management games on devices fail because its days before you play a game and everything is too fiddly and tough to manage, Title Challenge is the opposite. A seamless, superbly designed app that is worthy of a place on your device.

Longevity – 10/10

The Title Challenge App can last as long as you would like it to. If you enjoy football management games like millions of others do, then this will still be on your device this time next year. With leagues from England, Italy and France as well as Germany and Spain to contend with the challenges are endless. You can play the game in various different ways from turning your favourite club into champions to working your way through the league with smaller clubs to taking on the Champions League with the big boys. This game has plenty to keep you coming back and the hook of progressing your team and building a dynasty will keep you enthralled! Title Challenge is seriously addictive.

Social Media Interaction 0/10

No features.

Originality Score – 7/10

It is difficult to decide what score to award the Title Challenge App in terms of originality as although the game is unique and has its own place on today’s market, it is based on old formats. Playing it feels fresh in a nostalgic way and the game certainly offers something different on a crowded market but the idea is firmly rooted in the management games you played 20 years ago and other than being on your handheld device/tablet, there is nothing fresh about it. That is by no means a bad thing as this game is such fun!