When it comes to finding out the best sports betting sites and casinos, what are the key factors you should look for? What should be you getting from them? What separates the best sites in these two markets from the worst? Here is a key list of the factors you should look for…and the market is a big and vast one and therefore you should only be giving your custom to the very best.

Sign Up Bonuses

The best of the gambling websites are the ones that give you some form of reward for signing up. Free bets, money back offers, refer a friend bonuses, additional funds when you bet x amount. These all make the best of the gambling websites the most appealing. On the best online casinos you should be getting free chips, free spins and free games on their top attractions.

Ongoing Rewards

The market is crammed with companies offering what they feel is the best of the gambling websites and options so they should feel honoured when you chose then to place your bet with them. Whether this be free bets, weekly price boosts or such like then the bookmakers should be giving you something. The finest casino sites should offer you 50% bonuses on your deposits giving you roe chips and more chips the ore you play!

Easy to Use and App

Gone are the days when you need to be tied to a laptop to take use of the finest that online betting companies have to offer. Nowadays they should all have an easy to use app, and if they don’t, then they can’t be considered the best of the bunch now can they?. Same goes for ease of use….no long menus, no adverts…just simple ways to bet. The best and most enjoyable casino sites should make it easy for you to deposit and play the game of your choice, with explanation of rules etc if needed.

Live Sport Streams

Another thing that any sites have done in recent years to help them stand out is to offer Live Sporting streams  and this is something they will do is give you free live streams if you place a bet. A nice bonus to be able to see what you are betting on! This may not apply to casino sites but some offer Live dealers etc to make you feel you are getting the full casino experience.

So now you can see a few key factors you should be looking for when working on choosing which is the best of the gambling websites  for you! Choosing both that and the best place to play casino games can be daunting but a simple look around with the above key factors in mind will hopefully help you make your decision.