Review: Whats the Badge

Overall Review

An app that looks familiar on the outside but has deep levels of content. Although the game soon gets repetitive, lacks originality and may not last longer than a week installed on your phone, there is a good challenge here for football fans and within minutes you will find “just one more level” creeps in and you will be eager for more!

Value for Money Score 3/5

The app is free, the ads are far from intrusive no best online casinos ones that you see in some free apps and it takes up very little space on the device. As always with free apps deciding if something is good value or not, is hard, but in terms of “is this a valuable investment of your time” then I would certainly say that due to the deep level of content there is much to be had from installing this quiz app onto your device.

Graphics Score 4/5

By now, if you are a quizzer using apps, you will have seen 1001 apps of this kind with the picture displayed above and the letters to be filled in below. The app looks great, colourful with superb image quality and it is very easy on the eye. Care has been made to get all the ratios right and the game is not at all slowed down by the high quality of images.

Gameplay/Playability Score 3/5

Take your eyes away from the score for this one, as if you love football and you love identifying badge logos, then you are going to adore this game as it clearly is the best of its kind on the market. It flows well, easy to play, novel innovations in terms of lifelines and add ons and with plenty of content its going to please you. But it is hard to give this any higher than a 3 due to the fact that you will have played games of this nature time and time again. There is nothing original in the game play and a few opportunities have been missed.

Longevity Score 3/5

Again, we have positives and negatives here. On the plus side, here we have a game that feels familiar from the moment you start playing like the best online gambling sites and that does not strive, or even pretend, to do anything original. It fizzles along, like thousands of logo games before it. But the reason this deserves a middling score in this field is that it has so much content, covering so many leagues you would find it hard to get bored if you enjoyed it! I imagine if you are still playing this app after 5 minutes, you are in for the long haul.

SM Interaction Score 1/5

Nothing of note.

Originality Score 1/5

Sadly, even though I enjoyed the app there are several others out there that do he same. Yes, this had more content and better graphics than most, but still does not really do anything I haven’t seen several times before.

Bottom Line 

A fun quiz app with a deep range good standard of questions, all bundled in an appealing package.

Summary Positives

Good level of content, good display

Summary Negatives

Nothing new and the logo format is getting tiresome.