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World Cup 2014 Tracker App was Reviewed as a Football Utility App


WC Tracker 2014 World Cup Tracker App for Android

When I was a youngster, in the run up to the World Cup I would always make sure I got my hands on a good quality wall chart or guide book to complete as the tournament progressed. I remember the care and effort put into the France 1998 guide book, everything from scorers to cards issued to team line ups was in there so you can imagine my devastation when I left it in a hotel room in Benidorm after family holiday during the event! This time around, this trauma is easily avoided as a range of apps are available to track the tournament should anyone wish to and one of these is the quite impressive World Cup 2014 Tracker.

There are lots of  Word Cup Apps  out there and World Cup 2014 Tracker is a very simple to use app. At present it shows a countdown to the kick off (17 days 12 hours 47 minutes at time of review). It has the full fixtures contained with kick off times, locations and stadium information. All presented in a good clear format with detailed badges and vibrant colours.

The set up to World Cup 2014 Tracker is very simple with each fixture listed chronologically; group tables’ ready to go…all it needs is input from the user. Only scores are required so there is no room for tracking scorers, player appearances or line up but as a handy little app to input scores this works well. In the age of the Internet on every device do we really need World Cup 2014 Tracker though? Maybe not but for devices you may not have online all of the time, this could prove handy.

There is one major reason I will not be using World Cup 2014 Tracker myself though….crashes. On my brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 device this crashed several times a minute meaning it is virtually unusable. World Cup 2014 Tracker at most lasted 2 minutes once without crashing and it breaches data, half the items don’t save and in all it’s a pain!

It’s a good set up if World Cup 2014 Tracker works well, but before you invest time inputting scores, give it a good few minutes to check it doesn’t crash frequently

Fuleco Adventure

Before we begin it may be worth mentioning that Fuleco is the Official Mascot for the 2014 Fifa World Cup…an Armadillo of all things…and in one on many apps to use his image Fuleco Adventures is available on Android and IOS systems to tide us over until the Big Kick Off.

The one comment I feel I must make about any app tying in with the World Cup is that there is very little originality at all. Most apps are rushed out to tie in with the event and bare striking similarities to previous games that have been released over the past few years. Fuleco Adventure is no exception.

This is by no means a bad game. In fact I have spent some time with this app on various bus journeys and whenever I have had five minute spare over the last few days. Fuleco Adventure is though basically the same as the famous “Helicopter” apps we have seen by the boat load over the past few years. You simply guide a flying Fuleco across the screen floating up and down to avoid obstacles. Simple, yes….addictive, yes…..copied, yes!

But as I have said, Fuleco Adventure does not try or claim to be anything bigger or better than what it purports to be. A very simple app featuring a famous face we will be seeing across our screens over the next month or so. Certainly, Fuleco Adventure is no “must have” but as time filler or something to keep the kids amused….it’s worth a look!