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World Cup Shirts Quiz App has been been reviewed as a Football Quiz & Trivia App

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World Cup Apps

I love the World Cup. I love quizzes and I certainly love a great app….hence World Cup Shirts Quiz should be right up my street. Indeed, without even opening the app you can guess the premise, and possibly the format here, but in a crowded market World Cup Shirts Quiz may have enough to succeed over the next few months before, like all of the World Cup themed apps, it inevitably crashes and burns.

The set up to World Cup Shirts Quiz is very simple and very common. Much like the Logo Quiz games you are presented with a series of pictures to guess before opening up newer levels although this time it’s the home kits of every nation competing in the World Cup as a whole (not just the finals but the qualifiers too).  The pictures are nice and clear, the usual help is available (adding letters, clues etc.) and the app feels very familiar.

One element I think this World Cup Shirts Quiz app falls down on is the fact it doesn’t cover up the countries badges on the strips making it far far too easy. With a little knowledge on flags you don’t really need to know what colour Finland for example play in or the colour of the Welsh shirt….just look for the badge!

Having said that I still had fun with this and worked through each stage until the end (it is split into continents). There were a dozen or so I couldn’t get from either the strip or the badge, indeed World Cup Shirts Quiz taught me a thing or two, but generally it fell into the problem most of these games have….majority of the players time being spent inputting answers they know straight away, little time required to think.

Either way World Cup Shirts Quiz is one of those World Cup Apps that is fun for half a hour passing time on a bus ride. No reason to go back to it (just as there is no reason for the Sexy fans bonus rounds they added in!) but all in all a very simple, well formatted app that those with the World Cup bug may indeed want to try out.